Limousine service Deruta


Deruta, famous for its ceramics, is a city of ancient origin situated on the hills bordering the left bank of the Tiber river and overlooking the landscape of the vast and fertile plain below. In the “Ceramics Museum of Deruta” it is possible to admire magnificent ceramics works dating from the most ancient periods to the present day. Ceramics industry is in fact documented since 1282 in this town. The greatest development of the artistic pottery industry started in the sixteenth century: this handicraft activity has made Deruta well-known in the world over the centuries. Today more than two hundred factories work in this town: they preserve, produce and continuously improve the forms and styles of the ancient ceramics traditions. These factories produce almost the 32% of the whole Italian ceramics production: this is the reason why Deruta is a centre of the greatest importance for this manufacturing field, employing over one thousand people.