Limousine service Todi


Todi overlooks the Tiber river valley and is surrounded by the green Umbrian countryside, rich of olive groves and fruit trees. It is the ancient Tuder, name of Etruscan origin which means "border": in fact, precisely because of its border location, it was one of the most important cities in ancient Umbria. After various vicissitudes, Todi was conquered by the Romans and underwent a radical transformation in its urban structure. During the Middle Ages, Todi was at the beginning a free city; then it was under the rule of a powerful local family, before joining the State of the Church in the end. Today this town is almost identical to the medieval Todi. The oldest part of the town boasts of fine buildings such as the Cathedral of the Santissima Annunciazione, the Church of San Fortunato and the Convent of St. John the Baptist. Outside the city walls there is the famous Church of Santa Maria della Consolazione, considered one of the main buildings of the Renaissance architecture. Todi is also very rich in terms of food and wine: a very fine wine and an oil of high quality, among the best ones in the Italian production, are produced in its territory.