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In the heart of Orcia Valley, Pienza was nothing more than a small village until 1462. The event that changed its fortunes happened in 1405, and it was the birth in the town of Enea Silvio Piccolomini, who would later become Pope with the name of Pius II. A trip to Mantua led Pius II to cross his birthplace: its degradation caused him to decide a total reconstruction of the ancient village, whose project was entrusted to the architect Bernardo Rossellino. The works lasted about four years and transformed Pienza into a typical Renaissance town. Most of the historical and artistic heritage of Pienza is concentrated precisely in the picturesque square dedicated to Pope Pius II, who did so much for his birthplace, trying to make it an “ideal city” of the Renaissance. The whole Orcia Valley is a world of flavors and aromas to be savored, but Pienza, in particular, is a jewel to be discovered for its gastronomic traditions: for example, Pienza cheeses are very famous (Pecorino cheese of Pienza is certainly one of the most popular). More and more tourists choose to visit Pienza because this town can perfectly combine the pleasures of art with those of authentic good food.

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