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Volterra e San Gimignano

For the historical and architectural interest of this scenic tour, Limotuscany recommends an early departure in the morning to get to Volterra. Volterra was one of the most important and powerful Etruscan settlements, and it is now a city of art that stands out for its remarkable architectural and artistic heritage. The old town center still preserves many Etruscan remains (such as Porta dell’Arco, the main gateway to the town; much of the town walls; the Acropolis, where there are the foundations of two temples; and many underground tombs), ruins dating back to the Roman period (such as the Theater) and beautiful medieval buildings, such as the Cathedral and the Palazzo dei Priori. Volterra is also famous for the alabaster processing and for its fine artistic handicraft, that can be admired in the workshops of the old town center. Limotuscany suggests that the tour will then continue to San Gimignano, with lunch followed by a visit to the town. The historic center of San Gimignano, still enclosed by the thirteenth-century town walls, has preserved almost intact its medieval structure with thirteen slender towers, that have earned it the nickname of “Manhattan of the Middle Ages”. Given the beauty of this monumental complex, San Gimignano has been listed as a Unesco World Heritage Site and it is worldwide famous for its fine architectural works, such as the remarkable Romanesque Duomo.


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